Rihanna’s Luxury Fashion Label Named ‘Project Loud France’

Rihanna launching Project Loud France
LVMH Fashion Group launching Rihanna’s own fashion house named it “Project Loud France.”

The Barbadian singer’s forthcoming luxury label is named as “Project Loud France,” after her much awaited fifth studio album “Loud.” The project is finalised French conglomerate LVMH, which is agreed to inject €30 million as their part of investment. Rihanna consent to pour the contributions to the level of €29,988,000 in kind.

Project Loud France is first ever brand launch by LVMH since Christian Lacroix in 1987. The LVMH Fashion Group is going to govern the Rihanna’s brand also looking after brands like Celine, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs.

Jean-Baptiste Voisin, LVMH’s chief strategy officer has been appointed as Project Loud president.

“LVMH certainly knows what they’re doing,” luxury analyst Mario Ortelli told a fashion magazine and further added “They have one of the best platforms in the world in terms of design, marketing, distribution, supply chain. That’s why they’ll make the bet. But whether it succeeds will depend on execution.”

Besides LVMH credibility towards bring “Project Loud France” as market leader, Rihanna’s own soundness also will play a major role. Her proven capability to connect with Generation Y and other millennials Gen Z consumers has been tried and tested with beauty and fashion products. Her own Fenty Beauty line had buyers bound in front of store outlets selling her 40 and 50 shades of foundation to cater to different skin tones. Reportedly the brand achieve $100 million sale in the first month of its launch. Fenty Beauty line was launched by Kendo, boasted by LVMH Initiative.

Rihanna designed Latest Fenty x Puma Shoes
Rihanna’s Fenty X which brand is launched with Puma is grand success as it achieved “Sold Out” in just 35 minutes.

Rihanna also launched her Fenty fashion label with Puma in 2015. This product line achieved a ‘sold out’ with in just thirty five minutes..Puma’s profit rocketed to 92.2 percent in 2017, for which Rihanna’s product line credited. Her lingerie line Savage x Fenty, was launched in May 2018 and was well received by consumers whom queued outside stores to make the product big success. In September 2018, The New York Fashion Week glorified her lingerie for differing body and boost as an example of modern look. It compared the innerwear line to market leader Victoria’s Secret.

Rihanna Savage X Fenty Lingerie
Rihanna’s answer to Victoria’s Secret is her personal designed Savage X Fenty.

Rihanna’s celebrity status also boosting the sale of her line of products, her follower in social media also have to taken into account. Her Instagram followers is currently over 67 millions, regularly watch her outfits. Mostly Rihanna sharing her designing ability with her fans and followers. The NPD Group in its research find out Rihanna Is The Most Marketable Of All Big-Name Celebrities and says her followers are 3.7 times to be likely buy anything seen she is promote than other celebrities.

With these personnel record of Rihanna on merchandising and LVMH’s own ability in promoting brands, a clear sign on of “Project Loud France” will be a market leader soon.